Chick paper disposal can now be yesterday's problem

Our highly degradable paper rolls have been specifically developed for the Poultry Farming Industry


Why use our chick paper?

Our two grades of chick paper break down totally and purely by bird activity in either 3 days or 5 days, needing no staff involvement. This eliminates the usual bird stress and disposal costs incurred during either the manual breakdown or partial/total removal required when using crepe, kraft, newsprint, polythene sheet or acid free tissue.

High Quality Product

Our brown paper is made from undyed, unbleached paper. All our chick paper rolls are batch numbered, to enable tracking back to the original raw material used, then wrapped in heavy duty polythene until opened by the user.

Improved chick health and safety

The targeted breakdown eliminates capping with its potential for dermatitic foot problems due to trapped feed and droppings at this early critical stage. The non-slip surface ensures the feed stays in place and the birds do not slip. The paper also makes the flooring warmer than traditional litter covering.

How does chick paper work?

When chick paper is rolled out under the drinkers and sprinkled with chick feed the rustling sound when chicks walk upon it encourages the attention of the other birds thereby helping all chicks to easily find water and feed.

Highly degradable

Chick papers quick breakdown means no hidden feed residues remain at a critical early stage. Our chick papers unique composition absorbs droppings quickly and makes the housing hygienic and clean and will help to prevent the chickens from consuming droppings.

Saving you time and money

As the paper is highly degradable it is no longer necessary for staff to remove the paper from the breeding room and the chickens environment and your business performance is improved all round. Incineration problems, or skip hire costs are also a thing of the past.