Kandco Envosave Ltd chick paper feed rolls, first produced in April 1998 after extensive field trials, are the only purpose made product aimed at the industries target of maximum initial seven day weights.

Chick Paper - Kandco Envosave Ltd

Our family business, Kandco Envosave Ltd, based in the West Midlands and founded by Keith Stevenson, has been distributing Chick Paper to the UK and Ireland for the past 20 years and we have built an excellent reputation with our large customer base.

We are the leading supplier of Chick Paper in the UK and as we have many years of experience we understand the industry and your requirements.

You can rest assured that we manufacture our product with great care and we pride ourselves in delivering your paper to you promptly and efficiently.

Why use our chick paper?

Our two grades of chick paper break down totally and purely by bird activity in either 3 days or 5 days, needing no staff involvement. This eliminates the usual bird stress and disposal costs incurred during either the manual breakdown or partial/total removal required when using crepe, kraft, newsprint, polythene sheet or acid free tissue.

High quality product:

Our brown paper is made from undyed, unbleached paper. All our chick paper rolls are batch numbered, to enable tracking back to the original raw material used, then wrapped in heavy duty polythene until opened by the user.